Our Best in Season Selection, filled with 10 generous portions of our shining seasonal stars - a selection of the finest speciality, heritage and heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables from our little black book of the UK's best growers, plus some of the best independent growers from across the channel.

This week’s box celebrates a beautiful selection of produce including red kale grown in the rich, dark soils of south-west Lancashire by Chris Molyneux, where his family have been farming the same region since the Norman Conquest. This kale variety has deep red-hued leaves and stems, offering a sweet and buttery flavour. There is fennel from Green Fruit with a strong aniseed flavour, bulb like shape and feathery green tops. With an assertive flavour when eaten raw, it mellows when cooked - ideal for roasting with garlic until soft caramelised and buttery in flavour. You will find large bunched carrots from Eversham, washed mid potatoes from QV foods and baby piccolo parsnips from Freshgro in Nottingham - deliciously sweet, tender and no need to peel before cooking. 

Plus there’s a selection of wonderful fruit including Kissabel apples known for their distinct red flesh and crisp aromatic taste, Cantaloupe melons juicy, ripe and ready to eat, pomegranates and oranges perfectly in season and packed full of flavour. 

This week we’re championing the butternut squash from Holm Select in Cambridgeshire, an autumn staple with its sweet orange flesh packed full of flavour. Try Simon Gueller chef patron of The Box Tree in Ilkley's Butternut Squash Velouté with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe, the perfect showcase for this exquisitely versatile ingredient.

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Butternut Squash

To maximise flavour cut your butternut squash into halves, quarters or rounds and roast in the skin until golden, caramelised and soft. The skin can be removed prior to cooking with a peeler to reveal the vibrant orange inner flesh.

Red Kale 

Rinse the leaves and stems thoroughly before cooking to remove any trapped soil or grit. For the evenest cook remove the stems from the leaves, roughly chop the stems and start cooking before you add the leaves. slowly sautée in a little olive oil and garlic, a good pinch of salt and finish with lemon juice, a hit of fresh olive oil and chilli flakes.

Baby Piccolo Parsnips

Short, sweet and tender baby parsnips they are delicious and incredibly convenient as you don't need to peel them. Place onto a baking tray and roast in a little oil until golden and soft - perfectly paired with a shaving of fragrant truffle.