Our Best in Season Selection showcases 10 portions of the finest specialty fruit and vegetables and as the seasons change we welcome some slightly more unusual varieties to elevate your everyday. Curated by our in-house chef experts this week’s box is filled to the brim with a beautiful and vibrant selection of produce.

As we move into November you will find rainbow chard from Molyneux in Ormskirk, known for their vibrant stalks and bold green leaves, this stunning rainbow chard has the intense mineral edge of Swiss chard, the earthy sweetness of red chard and the wonderfully mild nutty flavour of golden chard. There is candy beetroot from Ashcroft in Lancashire, its flesh made up of beautiful, alternating red and white rings, is delicately textured, sweet in flavour with a slightly peppery, mineral flavour - ideal to add into soups or autumnal salads. Sourced from the Rungis International Markets in Paris you will find banana shallots with a distinct banana shape and mild sweetness of a traditional shallot variety, the Heliante Jerusalem Artichoke the oldest variety of Jerusalem Artichoke with an earthy yet nutty flavour and parsley root with pale creamy-white skin, slender like a carrot with an earthy taste offering hints of parsley, celeriac and parsnip - ideal for adding to warming soups or to accompany game meat. There are also Koffmann's washed potatoes from Cambridgeshire - the ideal potato for chipping and roasting.

Plus there’s a wonderful selection of fruit including Sharon fruit wonderfully golden and aromatic, a cultivated form of the Persimmon - offering a more tender juicier and sweeter taste ideal for sweet and savoury dishes. Nourrit black figs from the Rungis International Market in Paris and Sunburst apples from Richard Hochfeld’s orchards in Kent with orange skins, a sweet taste and exceptionally juicy.

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Sharon Fruit
This variety can be eaten at any stage of ripeness, but we recommend to eat whilst stil firm, skin and all.

Heliante Jerusalem Artichoke

Wash before cooking to remove any dirt or soil. The skin can be eaten, but changes the flavour of the vegetable so we recommend peeling. Roast with a little olive oil until soft before pairing with truffle and blitzing into a delicious soup.

Rainbow Chard
Rinse the leaves and stems thoroughly before cooking to remove any trapped soil or grit. For the evenest cook remove the stems from the leaves, roughly chop the stems and start cooking before you add the leaves. Sautée in a little olive oil for 2-3 minutes.

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