Guernsey Double Cream (227ml)


  • Guernsey Double Cream (227ml) 

    Wonderfully thick, rich double cream, produced using only the milk from The Estate Dairy's own herd of Guernsey cows. Not only is it exceptionally fresh, rich, and creamy, it's also used by some of the UK's finest restaurants.

    The Estate Dairy are a collective of young, passionate individuals based in the Chew Valley, in the heart of the Bristol countryside. They're dedicated to producing and bottling the highest quality milk and cream from their own herd of Guernsey and Jersey cows. They pay close attention to the cows' nutrition, particularly during the winter months, which contributes heavily to the flavour of the dairy. What's more, their unique farming system (based on more than 10 years of research) yields a high protein milk that is un-homogenized, to make sure they preserve all of the goodness.

    Looking for exceptional dairy products? The Estate Dairy is the answer, and all from traceable single farm gates.

  • Ingredients
    Un-homogenised cows milk

    Contains Milk

    Keep Refrigerated<5˚C. This product is suitable for freezing

    Consume before BBD on the product label

    The Estate Dairy

    Country of Production