Beef mince, lean & grass-fed (500g)


  • Beef mince, lean & grass-fed (500g)

    100% British grass-fed beef mince from Waterford Farm in Yorkshire.
    Only the very finest quality beef cuts are used to produce this super versatile, extra lean and healthy product packed with loads of natural flavour.

    R&J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers & Butchers source their product range either from their own farm on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, or from their network of top quality suppliers and co-operative farmers. All of their suppliers have all been very carefully selected for their focus on taste, free grazing and animal welfare. 

    When R&J Yorkshire’s Finest was established by Robert and Jo over 40 years ago in 1978, they supplied top quality produce from their farm, and cooperative farmers & suppliers across Yorkshire, to their customers. Since then they have always aimed to produce the finest meat in the country, and their meat can now be found in many of the UK's best restaurants. 

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    Beef mince 100%

    R & J Yorkshire

    Refrigerate between 0 - 4¬įc

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