Cacklebean Eggs (x6)


  • Cacklebean Eggs (x6)

    As featured on James Martin's Saturday Morning

    Each beautifully designed box is filled with 4 Arlington Whites - a pure white egg with a beautiful golden yolk, which is naturally larger and richer in flavour than your standard egg. You'll also find 2 Maran eggs - that have the same beautiful golden yolk, but with a delicate brown shell. The exceptional richness of flavour and colour is why they're trusted to feature on the menus of some of the country's top chefs. What's more, every single Cacklebean egg can be traced back to a single set of farm gates.

    Cackleberry Farm can be found deep in the Cotswolds and feels a little like a holiday camp for chickens. Set up by Patrick and Stephanie Bourns in 2013, it's home to rare-breed flocks, including the happy flock of majestic Arlington Whites, which are exclusively bred at the farm. There are broad meadows planted with fragrant herbs, feeding stations with the finest wheat and maize, spacious roots - and a trampoline just for fun. Find out more about why these are the perfect eggs here.

  • Allergen Information
    Contains Egg

    Storage Instructions

    0 to 5 degrees

    Cackleberry Farm

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