Michel Cluizel Dark Chocolate 72% (70g)


  • Michel Cluizel Dark Chocolate 72% (70g)

    Michel Cluizel is one of the world's most renowned chocolatiers and remains one of only a handful of independent chocolate makers in the world. Michel Cluizel only uses the most superior pure ingredients including 100% cocoa butter and Bourbon vanillas pods for flavouring. No vegetable fats here. Used by the world's greatest pastry chefs. This 72% chocolate bar shares strong cocoa flavours with liquorice-like hints, yet delivers a velvety, smooth flavour.

  • ´╗┐Ingredients
    Cocoas (72%), Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Bourbon Vanilla Pod.

    ´╗┐Allergen Information
    ´╗┐May contain traces of┬á´╗┐nut, milk and gluten.


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