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Best of British Selection


  • 12 portions of specialty fruit and vegetables, from our little black book of the UK’s best growers. It really is the cream of the British crop.

    Please note, as we work with small suppliers and want to make sure you get the finest produce out there, the contents of your box are subject to change at the last minute.

    Here's an idea of what you can expect this week:

    • 1 x Broccoli
    • 1 x Bunch of large heritage carrots
    • 1 x Sweetcorn in the husk
    • 1 x 150g Fine Beans
    • 1 x 5kg Jersey Royal potatoes
    • 1 x 250g Isle of Wight mini plum tomatoes
    • 1 x Courgette
    • 1 x Bunch of baby beetroot
    • 1 x Bunch of baby turnips
    • 1 x 113g Oakchurch blueberries
    • 1 x 500g Wye Valley rhubarb
    • 1 x 500g Annabel's Deliciously British strawberries


    • The Rabet brothers gather seaweed from the coastline and spread it on the fields as a natural fertiliser for their Jersey Royal Potatoes, adding a sweet & salty taste meaning that you should not need to season these when cooking.
    • The Isle of Wight's fertile soil and unique maritime climate is what has enabled our friends at the island's nurseries grow some of Britain’s tastiest tomatoes. These large, full-flavoured beefsteak tomatoes, perfect for stuffing or slicing.
    • Grown in the rich, red soil of the Wye Valley at Oakchurch Fruit Farm for over 40 years, the Maravilla raspberry is renowned for its size and exceptional flavour. Remember to serve them at room temperature.
    • A little sweeter, and less earthy than red beetroot, these baby candy beetroots are produced by a family-run business who’ve been growing vegetables for 40 years. They’re specialists in baby vegetables, and hand-pick each one to protect these delicate young roots.
    • Sweet and juicy, Annabel’s Deliciously British Strawberries are lovingly grown on a family run farm in Yorkshire. They’re delivered from the field to your house in 24 hours or less – the strawberries are loaded onto lorries within 40 minutes of being picked.
    • Field-fresh large heritage carrots from Evesham. These vibrant-coloured carrots are beautifully crisp, and deliver a sensationally sweet and tender taste once cooked.