Celeriac (each)


  • Celeriac (each)

    The expression 'don't judge a book by its cover' applies to this rugged root vegetable. Underneath the knobbly exterior is a sweet and nutty flavour with health benefits to boot. It works great as a mash, as well as in rich, flavourful slow-cooked dishes.

    Jack Buck's Farm in Lincolnshire started growing this challenging vegetable in 1992 and over the last 28 years have perfected the art of growing the perfect celeriac. After growing the seeds in modules under glass, the seeds are planted and remain under polythene for several months to retain the ground temperature and moisture. Once the days are longer and the temperature warmer, the polythene is removed and the celeriac is left to mature in the early summer sun, before being harvested from August - October; in a narrow window between maturity and hard frosts.
  • Allergens
    Contains Celery, Celeraic.

    Jack Buck, Lincolnshire

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