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Isle of Wight Speciality Tomato Mix (250g)


  • Speciality Tomato Mix (250g)
    A colourful mix of specialty tomatoes from the Isle of Wight to roast or toss in a salad. We’ve searched the UK for fresh, seasonal tomatoes, and none compare to the Isle of Wight’s. Grown in the rich, fertile soil of Arreton Valley, the unique climate and glorious sunshine are the secret to Britain’s tastiest tomatoes. With over 40 varieties grown each year, we select our chef’s favourites for you to enjoy.

  • Ingredients

    Mixed IOW Tomato


    Allergen Free

    Storage Conditions

    Store around 12 degrees. Do not refrigerate and keep away from strong smells

    Instruction for use

    Fresh Tomatoes suitable for cooking or raw eating


    Tomato Stall

    Country Of Origin

    Isle Of Wight UK