Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb (500g)


  • Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb (500g)

    With a unique Northern heritage, Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is now only grown by a handful of British producers in The Rhubarb Triangle - a 9-square mile area of West Yorkshire famous for producing early forced rhubarb.

    First grown in Yorkshire in the 1870s, this technique sees the rhubarb grown in sheds in total darkness at 13°C, 'forcing' the growth to create its delicate sweet flavour and bright colour. Picked by candlelight, this incredible ingredient is only available to enjoy for less than eight weeks from January to February.

    Sourced from Tomlinson's Farm in Leeds, this rhubarb is a wonderful superfood to add into your cooking and baking. With an elegant sourness, it only requires very light cooking - but it does need tempering with sweetness. Perfect for poaching, rhubarb is ideal for adding into sweet crumbles, fools or sorbets. You can also serve it to compliment mackerel, roast pork and venison.

  • Allergens

    Keep chilled at approx 8 degrees

    Country of Origin
    Yorkshire, UK

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