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English Strawberries (1 kg)


  • English Strawberries (1kg)

    Sweet and juicy, Annabel’s Deliciously British Strawberries are lovingly grown on a family run farm in Yorkshire. They’re delivered from the field to your house in 24 hours or less – the strawberries are loaded onto lorries within 40 minutes of being picked.

    Used on many Michelin-star menus, from Tom Kerridge’s The Hand and Flowers to Tim Allen’s Flitch of Bacon, the high sugar content in these perfectly-ripe berries gives them a caramel flavour that is applauded by our chef friends all over the country.

    Annabel's mission is to promote sustainable farming practices to preserve the beauty of the countryside for future generations. Not only is she committed to promoting sustainable agriculture, she also works to promote women working in farming businesses and wants to inspire young girls to believe that they too can achieve in the agriculture industry. A truly inspirational grower.



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