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Best of British Selection


  • We're approaching the end of the British season, with only two weeks left to buy this stunning box. Make the most of the season with £5 off when you apply the code BRITISH at the checkout, until Thursday 1st October.

    We've filled this box with 12 portions of speciality fruit and vegetables, from our little black book of the UK’s best growers. It really is the cream of the British crop.

    Here's an idea of what you can expect this week (w/c 28th September):

      • 1x Mini Pak Choi, 500g, Molyneux Kale, Ormskirk
      • 1x bunch of Mixed Heritage Carrots, Red Star Growers, Evesham
      • 1x Purple Variegated Kale, 250g,  Molyneux Kale, Ormskirk
      • 1x Baby Piccolo Parsnips, 500g, Fresh Gro, Nottingham
      • 1x Jersey Royal Potatoes Mid Rabet, Alan Rabet. Jersey
      • 1x Mini Plum Tomato, 250g, Isle Of Wight
      • 1x Spaghetti Squash, 1kg, Holme Select, Cambridgeshire
      • 1x Purple Sprouting Broccoli, 250g, Mudwalls, Alcester
      • 1x bunch of Baby Turnips,  Remfresh, Colchester
      • 4x Red Windsor Apples,  Mudwalls, Alcester
      • 4x English Conference Pears, Oakchurch, Herefordshire
      • 1x Blueberry punnet, 113g, Cobrey Farm, Herefordshire
      • 1x Watercress baby leaf, Nurtured in Norfolk

    • Chris Molyneux farms the rich, dark soils of south-west Lancashire producing the finest of Purple Variegated Kale. With tender deep purple leaves and thick crisp stalks, chop into fresh raw salads or sauté with a little butter.
    • The Rabet brothers gather seaweed from the coastline and spread it on the fields as a natural fertiliser for their Jersey Royal Potatoes, adding a sweet & salty taste meaning that you should not need to season these when cooking.
    • The Isle of Wight's fertile soil and unique maritime climate is what has enabled our friends at the island's nurseries grow some of Britain’s tastiest tomatoes. These beautiful, full-flavoured Mini Plum Tomatoes, perfect for salads, warmed through a fresh pasta dish or to top our favourite pizza.