Pantry Staples


    • We know how important it is to keep your cupboards full, so we’ve come up with just the thing – a Pantry box filled with your cupboard essentials.

      We rotate the contents of this box every week so you can mix up your evening meals and weekend lunches.

      Here’s an idea of what you can expect in this week’s box (17th May):

      o 1 x 1kg Risotto Aborio Rice
      o 1 x 250g Dried Tagliatelline Pasta
      o 1 x 165g Belazu Rose Harissa 
      o 1 x 680g Passata Di Pomodoro
      o 1 x Jackson's White Bread Champion Bloomer
      o 1 x 250g Ginger Nut Biscuits
      o 1 x 325g Glebe Farm Oat Granola
      o 1 x 415g Heinz Tomato Soup
      o 1 x 415g Heinz Baked Beans

    • Allergen Information

      Heinz Tomato Soup: Contains: Milk
      Ginger Nut Biscuits: Contains: Gluten
      Dried Tagliatelline Pasta: Contains: Gluten May Contain: Soya, Eggs
      Jackson's White Bread Champion Bloomer: Gluten, May Contain: Eggs, Milk

    • Please contact Wellocks should you require any further information.

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