Prosciutto Crudo (500g)


  • Prosciutto Crudo (500g)

    Since 1925 Veroni have been aiming to let the taste of the best Italian cold cuts reach your tables. Their Prosciutto Crudo has a delicate aroma, with a well-balanced, round and pleasant flavour, cut into thin slices perfect to serve as a starter or add to your cheese platter. 

  • Ingredients
    Pork leg, salt, preservatives: E252.


    Store chilled between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius.

    Country of Origin
    Please note, whilst our products are delivered in temperature-controlled vans, do not currently use chill packaging, and we do not accept responsibility for further temperature control once we have delivered to your door. If you order refrigerated products, please ensure someone is at home to receive your delivery.

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