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The Ultimate Christmas Fruit Selection (serves 4-6)


  • The Ultimate Christmas Fruit Selection

    Available to pre-order today for delivery from 21st December.

    Many people associate tropical fruits with the summer months, but in the restaurant world November - January is the time of year that exotic fruits become heroes on menus up and down the country, thanks to the exceptional flavours they bring to a dish. Christmas, of course, is no exception.

    This box includes the very best exotic and citrus fruits of the season, all delivered straight to your door... just waiting to be beautifully arranged for an indulgent Christmas day breakfast.

    This box is now available to order for your Christmas delivery.

    Here’s what festive delights we’ve included in your box this year:
    - 1x 500g red grapes 
    - 6x leafy clementines
    - 4x Seville oranges
    - 1x large pineapple
    - 1x pomegranate
    - 1x mango
    - 1x 125g redcurrants
    - 1x Galia melon
    - 1x lemon
    - 1x lime 


    We'll do our best to deliver what's listed, but as we work with some small suppliers we can't guarantee you will receive this exact contents.