White Soy Sauce (360ML)


  • White Soy Sauce (360ML)

    This soy sauce is distinguished by its pale colour which allows it to be used as a rich soy seasoning without darkening the colour of the dish in the same way as a traditional soy sauce. Use to seasons stocks, broths, noodles, braised vegetables, seasoned rice, stir fries & other wonderfully Asian dishes.

  • Ingredients
    Wheat, Sea Salt, Soybeans, Alcohol of sugarcane, Flavour Enhancer E621 (monosodium glutamate ) Acidifier E270 (Lactic), Water, Traces of aspergillus koji.

    Contains Soya, Barley, Kamut, Oats, Rye, Walnut. May contain Wheat

    Once opened use by best before date

    The Wasabi Company

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