We've been out foraging for something a little different to add to your cooking this autumn. If you love rich and earthy flavours then you're in for a real treat. We've found the finest producers of wild mushrooms and truffles so that you get to experience these fantastic unique ingredients.


Our producer Funghi Funghi, are passionate about weird and wonderful mushrooms, and that's exactly what they've brought to you in this wild mushroom mix

Mushrooms are unlike any other ingredient, they are a Fungi. From ceps to girolles, this visually stunning mix will add an earthy, uniquely rich flavour to your cooking. Here are some cooking ideas to get you inspired to use these fantastic mushrooms:

  • Sautée with a little garlic and butter to enjoy over a slice of Jackson's Brown Bloomer topped with poached Cacklebean Eggs.
  • The perfect meat alternative, try adding into a lasagne, risotto or a hearty stew.
  • Cook into a flavoursome wild mushroom soup and garnish with sautéed mushrooms and hazlenuts.
  • Try James Mackenzie's braised onion, wild mushroom, spinach, cheddar rarebit, sage and onion soubise with hazlenuts recipe.


Our producer, TruffleHunter, are dedicated to sourcing the best seasonal, fresh truffles from their base in the Cotswolds. They carefully select the highest quality truffles and preserve them at the peak of the season, when they are at their most flavourful. The preservation process involved in producing these jarred truffles extends the life of the truffle by up to 18 months, allowing you to enjoy the incredible taste of truffle any time of year.

These whole preserved truffles are firm to the bite, followed by a rich & earthy black truffle flavour. The can be eaten raw or lightly cooked, here are our top tips when using them in your cooking:

  • Truffles are most appreciated in simple recipes, so avoid using with ingredients that have strong flavours as the truffle flavour will be lost. We recommend using with pasta, eggs, rice and potatoes to amplify the delicious flavour and make simply memorable dishes.
  • How much do I use? Most dishes will need 8-12 grams per person, with a starter size portion requiring less than a main. 
  • Don't cook them for too long as this can reduce the aroma and flavour. For maximum flavour simply slice or grate over hot dishes like soup or pasta just before serving.
  • Try using a truffle slicer and shaver to get the most out of your truffle by slicing it paper-thin. Alternatively you can use a grater or simply slice with a knife.

Cooking ideas

  • Paired perfectly with Cacklebean Eggs when scrambled, in an omelette, soufflé, a flan or just fried.
  • Simply shave them liberally over our fresh artisan handmade Tagliatelle pasta or a creamy risotto.
  • Infuse the flavour into cheese or make your own truffle butter.
  • Cream and cheese sauces thoroughly take up their flavour.
  • Try Hywel Griffith's Onion Squash and Egg Raviolo with Truffle recipe.

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