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About us

We are the special ingredient of the UK’s finest restaurants, as we’ve been supplying them with top-quality produce for over 25 years. It’s likely that you’ve already tasted some of our range in your favourite restaurant dishes. Now we’re also offering a home delivery service, so you can enjoy those fine dining flavours any day of the week, at home.

How are our ingredients so perfect? We only work with producers and farms that take pride in their produce, and build trusting relationships, where we help each one reach the high standards they set for themselves, year after year. 


We started from small, humble beginnings. It’s amazing how far great produce can take you. In 1961, Richard Wellock sold fruit and vegetables to local greengrocers in Yorkshire. Soon word spread about their quality, and the Wellock family started supplying freshly prepared ingredients to restaurants, pubs and hotels. Fast forward to 2020, and we now supply over 45% of the UK’s Michelin-starred restaurants with their ingredients, and count chefs such as Lisa Goodwin-Allen and Michael Wignall among our fans. 


Wellocks has the highest accreditations because we work hard to comply with – and often exceed – the strict standards set by independent agencies. We are BRC grade A certified, following significant investment in technical and food safety operations, as well as processes.

Our partnership with the local Environmental Health Officers provides us with continuous guidance on food safety and quality systems, and we are accredited with a Primary Authority Scheme Certificate. We are also EC approved for cutting cheese.