Baron Bigod (250g)


  • ¬†Baron Bigod (250g)

    A creamy, white bloomy-rind cheese handmade by our friends at Fen Farm Dairy. Similar in style to Brie-de-Meaux, with a smooth silky texture and long lasting warm, mushroom tones. Produced with raw milk from the farm's own Montbeliarde herd, this cheese makes a special addition to your cheese board.

  • ¬†Ingredients¬†

    Raw milk, Geotrichum yeast cultures, Penicillium mould cultures

    Animal rennet, Cooking Salt


    Contains Raw Milk

    Storage Conditions

    To be stored below 15 Celsius

    Instructions for use

    Best taken to room temperature 3-4 hours before consumption to bring out the flavors.

    Can be frozen (for up to 6 months) but must be used within 24h of being thawed.


    Fen Farm Dairy

    Country of Production

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