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Fruit & Vegetable Selection


  • When you order with Wellocks, you can expect the same exceptional standards of freshness and quality that we supply to Michelin star chefs. All of our suppliers have been specially selected for their passion, drive and perfect produce.


    Our box contents change on a weekly basis to make sure you always get the best of fresh, seasonal produce.


    Here's an idea of what you can expect in this week's selection:


    1 x Broccoli
    3 x Brown Onions
    1 x 600g Carrots
    1 x Aubergine
    1 x 1kg French Mini Potatos
    1 x Red Pepper
    2 x 250g Stoffles Cherry Vine Tomatoes
    5 x Red Chillis
    1 x Celery
    1 x 1kg Bananas
    5 x Royal Gala Apples
    1 x Mango


    Please note, as we work with small suppliers and want to make sure you get the best produce out there, box contents are subject to change at the last minute


  • Allergen Information

    All Items May Contain Celery and/or Mustard