Best in Season Selection


    • Introducing the Best in Season Selection, filled with 10 generous portions of our shining seasonal stars - a selection of the finest speciality, heritage and heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables from our little black book of the UK's best growers, plus some of the best independent growers from across the channel.

      Curated by our in-house chef experts each week, this is not your everyday fruit & vegetable box. It includes the same outstanding products and varieties that Michelin-star chefs are using as seasonal heroes on their menus at this time of year. 

      To help you along on your journey to discover new flavours and varieties, you'll always receive a FREE weekly produce card in your box from our in-house Resident Chef Leigh and his expert team. On this card, we give you some more information about what we've included in your box and why, as well as some handy tips, tricks and recipes to get you started in the kitchen.

      Discover our Seasonal Recipes, Tips and Tricks to inspire your home cooking.


    • Here's an idea of what you can expect this week (w/c 12th April):

      1 x 500g Purple Carrots, Primeurs de St Malo
      1 x 500g Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Mudwalls Farm, Worcestershire
      1 x 500g Roscoff Onions, Sol Pom
      1 x Cauliflower, Sol de Levante
      1 x Pimientos de Padron Peppers, Koomtrad
      1 x 1kg Koffmann's Washed Potatoes, Koffmann's
      1 x Watercress, Willowdean Watercress, North Yorkshire
      2 x Sanguinelli Blood Oranges, Monloup
      4 x Royal Gala Apples, Mouneyrac
      2 x William Pears, Mouneyrac


  • We'll do our best to send you the items listed. Now and then, we may have to send you a different fruit or vegetables. Our photos don’t show the actual quantities.