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Our Best in Season Selection, filled with 10 generous portions of our shining seasonal stars - a selection of the finest speciality, heritage and heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables from our little black book of the UK's best growers, plus some of the best independent growers from across the channel.

This week’s box celebrates a beautiful selection of produce including large bunched carrots beautifully orange and packed full of flavour, red kale and January King Cabbage a hardy winter cabbage with beautiful purple-tinged leaves that are not only stunning in the field, but also on your plate. They are extremely versatile to cook with, being sweet, delicate and tender. You will find Koffmann's washed potatoes from Cambridgeshire and Roscoff onions grown in the Brittany region of France since 1647, one of the only onion varieties often used by Michelin-star chefs as the ‘star of the show’ thanks to their super-sweet flavour, fragrant aroma and silky texture. There are also Crapaudine beetroot a heritage vegetable is one of the oldest varieties of beetroot, dating back to over 1000 years. Originating from France, this wonderful ingredient can now be found on fine dining menus across the country. With a vibrant deep red hue and strong earthy flavour it's exceptional in both sweet and savoury dishes.

This week's selection also includes some wonderful Foraged Winter Chanterelle Mushrooms.

Plus a delicious selection of fruit including a Pomegranate, blood oranges perfectly in season with thick pitted skin, they often have a reddish blush and have distinctive dark flesh, are sweet in flavour and tend to have a delicious raspberry edge. You will also find Gold Rush apples gaining their name from its golden colour, bronze blush and its 'rush' of flavour, this is a unique and delicious variety of apple. Its flesh is firm and crispy, with a rich and spicy flavour, a high degree of acidity and sweetness.

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