Restaurant Grade Big K Charcoal Briquettes (10kg)


  • Restaurant Grade Big K Charcoal Briquettes (10kg)

    These premium charcoal briquettes from Big K are made from the highest quality, compressed lumpwood charcoal. Chefs know that charcoal is the fuel that sparks the texture and flavour of your food when grilling, so choosing high quality charcoal is one of the key secrets to an amazing barbecue.

    These briquettes are compressed in specialised moulds, creating a uniform shape and density that means consistency and efficiency. They burn hot and fast with little smoke or odour, delivering a clean and precise way to enjoy easy grilling with amazing results.

    • High Heat
    • Long Lasting
    • No Sparks
    • No Odour
    • 100% Natural – no additives or binders

  • Comprehensive safety & usage instructions included with the product.

    Please contact us if you require further information.

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