Luxury Brunch Selection

Bring joy to your table with a long, lazy, luxury brunch. We believe there's no better way to wind down at the weekend, or why not elevate your weekdays and treat yourself to an exceptional breakfast?

Whether it's an everyday treat, a birthday celebration, or a gift for a loved one, we've got your morning covered.

We've gathered together some special ingredients - think Burford Brown eggs and Estate Dairy cultured butter - along with other classic favourites to give you everything you need for a generous meal for 3-4 people.

Contains Milk: Unsalted Butter
Contains Eggs: Burford Brown eggs
Sausages and Bacon: Contains: Gluten, Sulphur Dioxide
Jackson's White Bread Champion Bloomer: Contains: Gluten May Contain: Eggs, Milk
Tracklements Brown Sauce: Contains: Gluten, Soya

  • This week's box (week commencing 6th September):

  • 300g R&J Yorkshire's Finest prime back bacon

  • 500g R&J Yorkshire's Finest traditional thick pork sausages

  • 6x Burford Brown eggs

  • 250g Estate Dairy salted cultured butter

  • James White Cox pear juice

  • 1x Jackson's white bread champion bloomer

  • 400g Isle of Wight cherry vine tomatoes

  • 250g button mushrooms

  • 415g Heinz baked beans

  • 2x portions of brown sauce

  • 1x Taylors Lazy Sunday coffee

Sausages and Bacon

R&J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers & Butchers is one of the very few catering butchers in the country to maintain their own herd. Their product range either comes from their own farm on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, or from their network of top quality suppliers and co-operative farmers. All of their suppliers have all been very carefully selected for their focus on taste and animal welfare.

Burford Brown eggs

It’s easy to recognise royalty in the egg world, by the Clarence Court crown. When you see this on their eggs, you know they are from their exclusive line of traditional breed birds, who enjoy a life of privilege roaming free on acres of England’s green and pleasant land from dawn till dusk. Their Burford Browns have a lovely hard, glossy, deep brown shell that protects their delicious, dense golden yolk. Divinely rich in flavour, these eggs are perfect for poaching, frying or scrambling to retain their farm freshness.

Cultured Butter

Drawn from more than 10 years of research, The Estate Dairy are devoted to producing the most exceptional dairy products from traceable single farm gates. This butter is made from the richest milk from a herd of Guernsey cows who graze on 500 acres of pastures in the picturesque Somerset countryside. An amazing golden coloured butter with a unique and salty taste.

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