Our Best in Season Selectionfilled with 10 generous portions of our shining seasonal stars - a selection of the finest speciality, heritage and heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables from our little black book of the UK's best growers, plus some of the best independent growers from across the channel.

This week’s box celebrates a beautiful selection of produce including purple variegated kale grown by Chris Molyneux in the rich, dark soils of south-west Lancashire this is a wonderful ingredient to add into your cooking. With a strong cabbage taste, cook or steam the leaves like regular green kale as a delicious side dish, shred into salads or stir fry. You will find golden beetroot with rough skin protecting the beautifully vibrant golden flesh, delicately textured with a mellow yet slightly sweet flavour. When raw, shave or shred into winter salads for an added crunch or pickle and save in your pantry for extended use in your cooking. When cooked, they develop a tender and smooth consistency perfect for blending into sauces and soups. Steam with lemon juice, roast for a wonderfully caramelised flavour or slice and bake into chips. There are Jerusalem Artichokes also known as sunchokes and are starcy tubers like potatoes and turnips. With a sweet, nutty and mushroomy savoury flavour they're ideal to roast, sautée, add to risottos for a winter warmer or purée into a delicious soup. Plus other seasonal delights including large bunched carrotshispi pointed cabbage, foraged winter Chanterelle mushrooms and Red King Edward Potatoes.

You will also find a delicious selection of fruit including English Conference Pears, a Pomegranate and this week we're championing blood oranges with a wonderful Blood Orange Mousse with Blood Orange Sorbet recipe from Galton Blackiston, owner and chef patron of the Michelin-starred Morston Hall County House Hotel and Restaurant.

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Golden Beetroot 

Gently clean your beetroot and leave the root end intact. Rub them with a little olive oil and place into an ovenproof saucepan, filling with cold water until submerged halfway. Add the lid or cover with tin foil and place into the oven for 45 mins to 1 hour until cooked through. Remove from the oven, transfer to a bowl and allow to cool. Once warm, using a kitchen cloth gently rub the skin off the beetroot and discard the stem. Cut into wedges and use as desired. 

Red King Edward Potatoes 

Boil in a pan of salted water for 15 minutes or until tender, then drain and leave to cool. Halve or quarter the potatoes, place into a roasting tray and drizzle with olive, sea salt and pepper. Roast for 20-30 minutes, until golden and crispy.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Soak in cold water for 20 minutes to loosen any dirt and scrub to remove any grit. Cut into halves or quarters and place onto a roasting tray with a split garlic bulb and rosemary. Drizzle with olive oil and roast for 45-50 minutes until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. 


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